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Tiny particles of suspended dirt, plaster dust, dead algae, pollen, etc. may pass right through the filter. BioGuard Sparkle Up® will trap these tiny particles in the filter and will rapidly restore sparkle to cloudy water. This product contains no D.E. or alum. It will not affect the pH of pool water.

  • Restores water sparkle
  • Aids in removal of Copper and Iron
  • Improves filtration of all filters
  • For use with all filter types
Product Info

Available sizes: 1.5lbs

Product comes with its own scoop for accurate measurement

How To Use

Cartridge filter:

  1. Remove, clean and replace cartridge, then with pump running, add 8 cups of Sparkle Up per 100 square feet of filter area.
  2. Clean cartridges when pool clears, or if filter pressure reaches manufacturer's recommended maximum psi.

Sand Filters:

  1. Thoroughly backwash filter and return to normal position.
  2. Add Sparkle-Up according to general directions using chart below for dosage amount.
  3. Backwash after 24 hours or before then if the filter pressure reaches maximum level.
Diameter of Filter Level Cups
12" 1 cup
18" 2 cups
24" 4 cups
30" 6 cups
36" 9 cups
42" 13 cups
48" 17 cups
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