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BioGuard® Erase® Iron Stain Remover is specially formulated for removal of stains and discoloration caused by iron on pool surfaces including vinyl, fiberglass, plaster, and tile. It can be used as a spot treatment and to lift cobalt stains in fiberglass pools.

  • Restores the beauty of your pool surface
  • Highly effective Iron stain remover
  • Compatible with all pool types
Product Info

Available sizes: 2lbs

How To Use

IMPORTANT:If the pool is equipped with a heater, first turn the heater off, then isolate from the circulation system. Do NOT USE BioGuard Stain Remover Products in pools where the heater cannot be isolated.

Do NOT allow undissolved product to sit on surface for more than 30 seconds.

Swimming can resume as long as the chlorine or bromine residual is between 1 – 4 ppm and the pH is between 7.2 – 7.6.


  1. Adjust balance of pool water to the following: pH 7.0 – 7.4, total alkalinity 125 to 150 ppm (or 80 -150 ppm for pools equipped with a chlorine generator), calcium hardness less than 400 ppm.
  2. Adjust chlorine or bromine residual to less than 1 ppm. Use BioGuard Chem Out® if necessary to reduce the residual of chlorine or bromine. For SoftSwim® pools, maintain SoftSwim B residual between 30 - 50 ppm. Do not add a shock product to the pool water during this process otherwise re-staining could occur.
  3. Wearing safety glasses/goggles and with the pump running, add 2 lbs. of BioGuard Erase Iron Stain Remover per 12,000 gallons of water into pool water around the edges of the pool. If stain is specific to one area, apply product to that area. Use a surface compatible brush to brush away undissolved product off pool surfaces.
  4. Allow the pool water to circulate for 1 hour. Then apply the proper dosage of Pool Magnet Plus (or SoftSwim Stain Control if treating a SoftSwim pool) per label directions. Pool Magnet Plus (or SoftSwim Stain Control for SoftSwim pools) will help prevent the metals from re-staining.
  5. Circulate for 24 hours.
  6. Apply Sparkle Up (or SoftSwim Filter Aid for SoftSwim pools) to cartridge and sand filters per label directions for filter type and size.
  7. Continue to circulate the pool for a minimum of 24 - 48 additional hours.
  8. Remove Sparkle Up (or SoftSwim Filter Aid for SoftSwim pools) from filter by backwashing or cleaning cartridges.
  9. Apply BioGuard Kleen It (or SoftSwim Filter Cleaner for SoftSwim pools) according to label directions to remove any metals trapped on the filter. Complete stain removal may take up to two weeks or require a second treatment.
  10. Test pool water and adjust water balance items and sanitizer to the following: pH 7.2 - 7.6, total alkalinity 125 -150 ppm (or 80 -150 ppm for pools equipped with a chlorine generator), chlorine, bromine or SoftSwim to residual specified on your sanitizer product. For SoftSwim pools, re-establish Clarifier level to 30 ppm.
  11. After completing steps 1 through 10 prevent stains from reoccurring by using BioGuard Pool Magnet Plus (or SoftSwim Stain Control for SoftSwim pools).
  12. If necessary, a repeat treatment, starting with step 1, can occur if stains are still present 48 hours after completion of step 11.


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