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Use Balance Pak 200 to raise pH in pool water. Helps to prevent equipment corrosion, etching of plaster & wrinkling of liners caused by low pH. Also prevents eye irritation due to low pH.

  • Improves swimmer comfort
  • Protects pool equipment from corrosion due to improper pH
Product Info

Available sizes: 2lbs, 6lbs

  • 100% sodium carbonate
  • Powder form
  • Raises pH
How To Use
  1. If pH is below 7.2, apply Balance Pak® 200 as determined by the Alkali demand chart in test kit.
  2. Apply by broadcasting product evenly across the pool with the pump running.
  3. Circulate for 2 hours and retest pH.
*Add a maximum of 1 lb. per 10,000 gallons of water
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