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Non-chlorine shock eliminates undesirable compounds for clear water. SpaGuard® Spa Shock is great for systems with ionizers to oxidize contaminants without adding excess sanitizer.

  • Non-chlorine oxidizer that does not raise chlorine residual
  • Easy-to-use, quick-dissolving shock treatment
  • Treat and soak in as soon as 15 minutes*
  • Can be used with chlorinated or brominated spas
*15 minutes is only recommended as long as the free chlorine or bromine does not exceed label recommendation.
Product Info

Available sizes: 40oz, 7lbs

  • 3.2% Active oxygen
  • 31.0% potassium monopersulfate
  • Non-Chlorine oxidizer
  • Restores water sparkle
  • Can be used with chlorine or bromine spas
How To Use

Initial Application:

  • Add 2 oz. of Buffered Spa Shock per 300 gallons directly to the spa with the pump running.

Maintenance Application

  • Add 1 oz per 300 gallons with the pump running once a week. Add twice a week during times of heavy use.
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