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Effective as a spa water sanitizer and disinfectant, this product is an excellent alternative to chlorine based systems and is an ideal sanitizer for both indoor and outdoor spas. Bromine is an excellent sanitizer choice because it works well over a wide pH range and is a low odor sanitizer. This product must be applied through a bromine feeder.

  • Excellent for spa applications because of reduced odor.
  • Used with automatic feeders - ideal for commercial applications.
  • Kills Bacteria and algae.
  • Bromide regeneration makes maximum use of bromine's sanitizing ability.
  • Lasts nearly twice as long as unstabilized chlorine when exposed to UV sun rays.
Product Info

Available sizes 1.5lbs, 4.5lbs

  • 96% BromoChloroDimethylHydantoin (BCDMH)
  • pH of 1 % solution = 4.0
  • Maximum solubility at 30C = 1.5%.
  • Effective in wider pH range than chlorine
  • Lower odor than chlorine tablets
  • Slower dissolving than chlorine tablets
  • Algicidal at .2 ppm
  • Chlorine content of tablet serves to regenerate bromide
How To Use
  1. Fill spa bromine feeder and adjust feeder following manufacturer's instructions.
  2. Keep feeder filled to maintain 2-4ppm residual in residential spas.
  3. Keep water free of leaves & other debris.
  4. Pump & filter should be operated a minimum of 3 hours per day, whether the spa is used or not.
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