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Nature2 SPA works with your existing filter to give you clean, clear water without high levels of chlorine.

Nature2 SPA is perfect for spa owners looking for an eco-friendly, low maintenance alternative to heavy chlorine or bromine to keep their spa clean and free of harmful bacteria and viruses. Nature2 SPA uses an EPA-approved mineral bed technology to effectively kill bacteria safely and effortlessly.

Nature2 SPA works by automatically dissolving trace amounts of mineral elements into the water. Those elements act as a sanitizer to destroy bacteria and viruses. Just drop the Nature2 SPA stick into the spa's filter and forget about it for up to four months! Nature2 SPA will keep your spa sparkling clean and smelling great – even in-between use.

  • Eco-friendly way to keep your spa free from harmful bacteria
  • Reduces need for harsh chemicals; less skin irritation
  • Works with chlorine or MPS
  • Low maintenance; lasts up to four months
Product Info

Designed for spas up to 500gal.

How To Use

Before each use:

  • Add Enhanced Shock or Spa Shock-Oxidizer as needed

After each use:

  • Add Spa Shock-Oxidizer (1 Tbsp per 250gal) or Enhanced Shock (1 tsp per 250gal)


  • Add Spa Shock-Oxidizer (1 Tbsp per 250gal) or Enhanced Shock (1 tsp per 250gal)

4 Months:

  • Drain & re-fill your spa. Replace Nature2 SPA stick & perform start-up procedure

As needed:

  • Add 1.5 Tbsp Chlorinating Concentrate to remedy problem thats occur when bathing loads are high
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