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Free Heat from the Sun!

Complete Solar Heating System for Aboveground Pools.


Get the most out of your swimming pool. FAFCO solar pool heating dramatically extends your swimming season, enabling healthy enjoyment and exercise in luxurious warm water from spring to fall.

First-time pool owners are frequently surprised by how much traditional pool heaters cost to run. Because of this, many choose not to heat the pool at all, limiting its use to only the hottest days of summer. A FAFCO solar pool heating system can cost less to install than a gas heater and it instantly adds value to your home and from then on, your heat is free from the sun.


Includes everything you need to start solar heating your pool immediately

  • 4’ x 20’ pre-plumbed panel, hoses, clamps and installation tool
  • Installation Hardware
  • Built-in manual bypass for turning the solar pool heating system on and off

Size:  4' x 20'

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