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Solar blankets are an economical & environmentally friendly way to raise the temperature of your swimming pool & retain the heat for a longer period of time. Our solar blankets are quality built, long lasting & economical.

Solar blankets have fantastic heat retention with their UV stabilized resin construction & hundreds of tiny air pockets that capture heat from the sun & transfer it to your pool water.   

Our solar blankets can help you save money on chemical costs & maintenance times since they help reduce chemical loss through evaporation while keeping leaves & bugs from falling into your pool when it is covered.

  • Raise the temperature of your pool by up to 10 degrees & keep it warmer longer
  • Use alone or with pool heater to enhance heating capability
  • UV stabilized resin construction for durability & years of use
  • Reinforced, flat seams for enhanced resistance against wear and tear
  • Easy to cut with scissors to fit kidney, oval or irregular shaped pools
  • Save on chemical costs & cleaning time
  • Economical & environmentally friendly
  • 3 year manufacturer’s warranty
Product Info

Available sizes: Call for more information.

  • Blanket thickness (aboveground): 8mm
  • Blanket thickness (inground): 12mm