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Arctic Blue® Winter Kits contain Arctic Blue® Winter Shock and Arctic Blue® Algae protector - just what you need to ensure a trouble-free opening in the spring. The Winter Kits come in two convenient sizes - 12,000 gallon kits and 24,000 gallon kits. Each contains enough product to winterize up to a 12,000 gallon pool or up to a 24,000 gallon pool. Select the proper kit for your pool size. Kits can be used in combination for larger pools. Winter Kits can be used in chlorinated, brominated, chlorine generator or Mineral Springs® pools. Do not use in SoftSwim® pools.


Arctic Blue® Shock:

This multipurpose formulation oxidizes, clarifies, and buffers all in one easy to use product, ensuring an easy spring start-up. Quick dissolving, this easy to use product is ideal for all pool surfaces. This unique formulation results in outstanding water clarity during the winter season and into spring start-up.

  • First step in an effective winterization program
  • Restores water clarity
  • Oxidizer, buffer, clarifier, flocculent
  • Ideal for all pool surfaces

Arctic Blue® Algae Protector:

BioGuard Off Season Arctic Blue® Algae Protector, when used as directed, prevents the growth of pool algae and aids in maintaining pool water clarity during the winter when the pool is not in use. This product is formulated for use in chlorinated or brominated swimming pools of all surface and filter types.

  • Prevents pool algae growth during winter months when used as directed
  • For clear water at spring opening
  • No mixing or predissolving needed
Product Info

Kit Contents:

  • 2lbs Arctic Blue® Shock
  • 16oz Arctic Blue® Algae Protector
  • Winterization Guide
How To Use
  1. Perform a complete water analysis for winterization and balance according to ALEX® recommendations.
  2. Do all housekeeping chores. Brush and vacuum the pool surface. Clean the waterline with Off the Wall®to remove any oily buildup and dirt. Clean out the skimmer baskets and the hair/lint trap. If the system will not be circulated, remove and store them.
  3. Chemically clean the filter using Strip Kwik® and/or Kleen It®. (If you have problems with high calcium hardness and feel there may be scale buildup in the filter, clean with Strip Kwik® first, then use Kleen It® to remove scale deposits.)
  4. With the pump running, add 1 lb. of Arctic Blue® Winter Shock per 6,000 gallons. Brush up any undissolved product. Circulate 2 - 4 hours.
  5. Pour 16 ounces of Arctic Blue® Algae Protector per 12,000 gallons of pool water around the edges with the pool with the circulation system operating.
  6. Allow to circulate 2-4 hours to evenly disperse the products.
  7. Winterize equipment as the type of season demands. (In much colder climates, equipment may be removed and stored until spring. Follow the equipment manufacturer's specific instructions for storing equipment.)
  8. Drain the pool partially if recommended by the builder or your dealer.
  9. Cover the pool.
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