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Pool First Aid is the problem solver!  Pool First Aid combines powerful concentrated natural enzymes with a fast acting polymer clarifier for quick & easy clean-up of:
  • Dead algae
  • Pollen
  • Oil leaks & hydraulic fluid
  • Anti-freeze residue
  • Vandalism
  • High organic waste loads

Pool First Aid will quickly free clogged filters of oils & organic build-up.  No other product will remove dead algae more quickly & efficiently  -  in most cases no back-washing is required.

Pool First Aid combines powerful concentrated natural enzymes with an organic clarifier that is ideal for big clean up jobs.  Gets rid of scum-lines, waterline ring, cloudy water, clogged filters & chemical odors with no scrubbing. 


Size:   2 litre  /  67.6 ounces 
Dosage:    One capful  (4 ounces) per 2,000 gallons

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