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Soft Soak Spa Conditioner is a granular product that helps prevent unattractive buildup that can form along the waterline of the spa. Maintaining the proper pH is very important in preventing waterline buildup in Soft Soak spas. Studies have shown that at higher pH residuals, waterline accumulation is likely to occur. Maintain a pH of 7.4 at all times to help prevent buidup.

Under normal conditions, you will not have to reapply Soft Soak Spa Conditioner until you drain and refill your spa. Spas should be drained and cleaned at least every 60 days, or whenever water becomes difficult to manage or keep clear.

Soft Soak Spa Conditioner is designed for use with the Soft Soak System only. It is not for use with chlorinating or brominating products or with ionization systems.

  • Fresh fill application only
  • Bromine-Free, Chlorine-Free
  • Controls & prevents unattractive water line build-up
  • Convenient & simple application
  • Reduces weekly maintenance steps
Product Info

Available sizes: 1lb

  • Fresh fill application only
  • pH  =  5.1
How To Use
  1. Apply 5 ounces per 150 gallons at start-up.
  2. Reapply every time spa is refilled.