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The Mineral Springs system is a unique formulation of minerals that make an ordinary salt pool a soothing, sparkling swimming experience. The Mineral Springs Convert product is one of two products that are needed to convert a salt pool into a Mineral Springs experience. Mineral Springs Convert makes water soft and smooth. It brings a brilliant sparkle to the water that is stunning. Mineral Springs Convert also contains SunShield® that protects the chlorine generated by your cell from being degraded by sunlight. SunShield may allow you to reduce the time you run your chlorine generator, increasing the life of your chlorine generator cell.

To fully convert your pool to a Mineral Springs pool, also add Mineral Springs Stain and Scale. Mineral Springs Stain and Scale protects your pool and equipment from scale. Mineral Springs Stain and Scale is highly effective and will help keep your chlorine generator cell working at an optimum level by protecting it from scale build-up.

After converting your pool to the Mineral Springs system, use Mineral Springs Renewal weekly to maintain proper water balance and replace minerals lost to splash out, dilution, and backwash.

  • Transforms salt pool into luxurious Mineral Springs pool
  • Contains water softening agents to provide silky-smooth water
  • Contains SunShield to preserve chlorine produced by cell
Product Info

Available sizes: 10lbs

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