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Mineral Springs Beginnings is the first step in creating a mineral water bathing system in your pool. The essential elements of Mineral Springs Beginnings make it possible to fully enjoy the Mineral Springs® System. Mineral Springs Beginnings contains SilkGuard® technology that softens water and protects your pool, chlorine generator cell, and equipment from scale. Mineral Springs Beginnings also contains SunShield® that protects the chlorine produced by your chlorine generator from being degraded by sunlight.

  • High purity minerals for saline pools with SilkGuard® Technology
  • Prevents scale formation
  • Maintains soft, gentle, sparkling water
  • Helps maintain water balance
  • With SunShield® protects chlorine from degrading due to sunlight
Product Info

Available sizes: 27.9lbs

How To Use

Initial Application:

  1. Backwash and clean filter. Balance your pool water and adjust pH between 7.4 –7.6. Add 1 bag of this product per 1000 gallons of water.
  2. Determine number of bags needed: pool water volume/1000 = number of bags. Apply evenly at deep end of pool with pump operating.
  3. Brush any undissolved product from the bottom of the pool. Temporary clouding may occur.
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