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The UV Concept

The sun emits invisible light - ultraviolet light. Through leading edge technology, this natural phenomenon is reproduced inside the sanitizers of the Delta UV product range using powerful UV-C ray lamps. At 254 nanometers, the optimum wavelength for sterilizing micro-organisms (viruses, bacteria, algae, yeast, mold, etc.), Delta UV-C rays penetrate and disrupt their DNA, permanently deactivating germ cell metabolism so they cannot reproduce.


Unlike the addition of chemicals or salt chlorine generation, UVC technology sterilizes harmful contaminants such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia, E.Coli, bacteria, viruses and even algae without adding anything to the water. These contaminants are deactivated after passing through the UV chamber without creating harmful byproducts.

The process results in the cleanest, purest water possible for your pool. The UV unit is inserted into the pool’s plumbing system just after the filter. The UV lamp bulbs are rated for approximately 16,000 hours. Easy to install, the Delta UV units have a minimal footprint and can be mounted vertically on the pool equipment pad.

  • Drastically reduces chemical use by 50%
  • Sterilizes micro-organisms that chlorine and salt systems can't
  • No nasty chlorine smell
  • No more red eyes, dry skin or damaged hair
  • Easier pool maintenance, simple, reliable
  • Prolongs pool & equipment life
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Compatible with all types of coatings and filters
  • Compatible with all pool chemical treatments
  • A treatment that can be automated with an existing chlorinator
Product Info
  • Power Input: 120/240V/50/60hz
  • Housing: E Series-special 8’’ PVC Plastic ES Series-special 8’’ PVC Plastic with Stainless Steel Wrapper
  • Ballast: Electronic
  • Lamp: High Output – Low Pressure (16,000 hrs.) Approximately
  • Pressure Switch
  • Pressure Gauge: Yes
  • Indoor/Outdoor Installation: Yes
  • Limited Warranty: 2 Years (1 year bulb)
  • Plumbing options : 2’’ PVC Unions
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