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20.99 - SoftSwim Filter Cleaner

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SoftSwim Filter Cleaner is the single-most important specialty product for preventing cloudy water and allowing filters to operate at peak performance. Uniquely formulated to work with any filter type, SoftSwim Filter Cleaner helps to remove particles specific to SoftSwim chemistry.

REMEMBER:   Chlorine & biguanide do not mix. Never use chlorinating products in your SoftSwim pool.

  • Blend of three acids and an acid tolerant detergent
  • Designed especially for use with SoftSwim and SoftSoak
  • Cleans filter media to allow more effective filtration
  • Removes dirt, oils, dead algae, and other microscopic solids characteristic of biguanide use, from filter
  • Aids in preventing cloudy water due to poor filtration
  • Improved circulation aids in the prevention of biofilm development in the plumbing
  • Increases longevity of the filter
Product Info

Available sizes: 1 quart

How To Use

For sand filters:

  1. Turn off the pump and set the filter to BACKWASH.
  2. Backwash filter for 3 minutes, then turn off pump. Leave filter in BACKWASH.
  3. Apply 1 bottle of SoftSwim Filter Cleaner into the skimmer basket. If you have more than one skimmer or no skimmers, add to pump basket.
  4. Turn on the pump for 5 seconds or as long as it takes for the product to appear in the sight glass, whichever comes first. (It will take less time if you add the product through the pump basket.) Shut off the pump.
  5. Let the product sit in the filter for 1 hour minimum (overnight preferred).
  6. Leave filter in BACKWASH; turn pump on and backwash for 3-5 minutes.
  7. Set filter to RINSE and rinse for 30-60 seconds.
  8. Set filter to FILTER to complete the cleaning process.

For cartridge filters:

  1. Remove the cartridge from spa and place in a 5 gallon bucket.
  2. Add 1 qt of Filter Cleaner to the bucket and fill with water.
  3. Soak 24 hours.
  4. Thoroughly rinse with garden hose.
  5. Reassemble filter cartridge and continue with normal operation.
*The cartridge filter may have a slight pink tint after cleaning. This will not affect filter efficiency.