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SoftSwim Stain Control is specially formulated to prevent metals from settling in water and staining pool surfaces. Designed for use in pools with plaster surfaces, or on any surface where dissolved metals (iron, copper or manganese) are present, this product stops metals before they have a chance to interact with your SoftSwim routine care products.

REMEMBER:   Chlorine & biguanide do not mix. Never use chlorinating products in your SoftSwim pool.

  • Liquid chelating agent
  • For use in SoftSwim pools only
  • May help remove fresh stains
  • Prevents Clarifier loss from metals
  • Easy to use.
  • Keeps small amounts of metals from staining in SoftSwim systems.
  • Enhances the longevity of SoftSwim B and C.
  • Saves money by reducing product consumption.
Product Info

Available sizes: 1 quart

How To Use
  • Apply 1 qt. per 10,000 gallons for up to 2 ppm metals.
  • Reapply monthly or even more frequently if experiencing rapid loss of SoftSwim C.
  • Maintenance dose: add 1/2 qt. per 10,000 gallons during Spring start-up and if significant make-up water is added.
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