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20.99 - SoftSwim C Gal

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Soft, clear, chlorine-free water is easy to achieve.  That's the philosophy behind SoftSwim.  It's the reason pool owners everywhere are making the big switch to non-chlorine pool care.

BioGuard's SoftSwim Program is ideal for:

  • Not more than 15,000 gallons
  • Pools with excellent circulation, using a sand filter
  • Pump operates at least 12 hour per day
  • Pool has a bottom drain
  • For both Inground or Aboveground pools
  • Great for vinyl liner or fiberglass pools

It's as easy as A-B-C !

Step A:   Prevent algae growth
Step B:   Sanitize to kill bacteria
Step C:   Oxidize & clarify for sparkling water

REMEMBER:   Chlorine & biguanide do not mix.   Never use chlorinating products in your SoftSwim pool.

  • Patented ClearGuard H2O2 stabilizer
  • Effectively eliminates oxidizable compounds
  • Enhances water clarity
  • Easy to use and measure liquid
  • Does not affect pH of water
  • Long lasting.
  • Convenient and simple monthly application.
Product Info

Available sizes: 1 gallon

  • 27.5% Hydrogen Peroxide
  • pH = 3.0
  • Patented ClearGuard H2O2 stabilizer
  • Enhances water clarity
  • Effectively oxidizes organic waste
How To Use
  • Apply 1 gallon per 10,000 gallons directly to pool water.
  • Use entire container at one time.
  • Do not store partial containers.
  • Maintain SoftSwim Clarifier C level at 20 ppm or higher.
  • Maintenance doses of 1 gallon per 10,000 gallons are usually needed once every month, but may be more frequent with heavy bather loads, extremely warm weather, or heavy rains.