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Balance Pak® 300 is used to boost calcium hardness in swimming pool water. This product dissolves quickly with less cloudiness. Proper calcium hardness levels prevent corrosion in equipment & pool surfaces. This helps to prevent pool staining, plaster etching or liner wrinkling.

  • No predissolving
  • Pelletized formulation allows for faster dissolving.
  • Pelletized formulation is less likely to cloud the water on application
Product Info

Available sizes: 5.5lbs, 12lbs

  • 100% calcium chloride
How To Use
  1. With the pump running, broadcast evenly over the surface of the pool.
  2. Add 1 lb. per 10,000 gallons to increase total hardness 10 ppm.
  3. Use pool brush to brush any undissolved granules off pool surfaces.
*Do not predissolve. Heat is generated when the product contacts water.