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Add extra flavor to your cookout with one of Louisiana Grills' sauces! All sauces come in 18oz containers and are fat- and gluten- free with no MSG.




Home, sweet home: our signature Original BBQ Sauce is a premium blend of molasses, Worcestershire, soya, garlic and mild chili peppers. Sweet and tangy, this exceptional creation is mildly spicy with a thick composition that is dark brown in color.

Sweet Chili

BBQ with the taste of Thailand: our Sweet Chili BBQ Sauce blends corn syrup and chili peppers to create a hot and savory kick. This sweet and spicy sauce has a medium bite and is great for pork, poultry and fish.

Georgia Style

Georgia is known as the melting pot of BBQ variations, and our Georgia Style BBQ Sauce is no different. Blended together in a mustard base, this tangy creation combines vinegar and spices for an unexpected, flavorful taste.

Kansas City Style

You’re never too far from Kansas with our Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce. This ample mixture of tomato sauce, corn syrup and spices creates the sweet aftertaste and thick complexion. 

Memphis Style

Take pride in your pork: our Memphis Style BBQ Sauce works wonders on ribs and pulled-pork sandwiches. The traditionally thin sauce is mildly spicy and has a tangy punch. Formed from a tomato base and blended with vinegar, this sauce will have you coming back for more.
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