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Clear, Perfect Water with HALF the work!


Enjoy clear, perfect water each spring!  Use Pool Magic Spring & Fall  -  spring openings can be up to 50% easier & faster!
Pool Magic contains a concentrated natural enzyme-based formula designed specifically to work in cold water.  It quickly breaks down organic contaminants & cleans up cloudy & dirty water.  Typically, you close your pool in the fall with a dose of Pool Magic.   The enzymes control the organics that seep into the water during the winter & minimize the work to reopen in the Spring.  However, if you didn't use Pool Magic in the fall, you still can benefit by adding it during pool opening.
  • Works great with mesh covers
  • Quick, easy spring openings
  • Reduces start-up time by 50%
  • Clears winter organic build-up
  • Prevents waterline ring, clogged filters & chemical odors


Size:   1 Litre

  • Environmentally safe
  • 100% biodegradable & non-toxic
  • Contains no manufactured enzymes
Application Instructions:
  1. Use entire bottle for pools up to 25,000 gallons.
  2. Follow dealer instructions for pool closing.
  3. Add Pool Magic as the last step before cover the pool.

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