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Replaces your solar cover

An invisible barrier that conserves water & heating energy


Save Water, Save Heat, Save Money.

Natural Chemistry COVER Free is an invisible barrier that conserves water & heating energy.  The most efficient & effective water & heat saving product on the market.
Replaces your solar cover
  • Reduces evaporation by up to 85%
  • Prevents heat loss by up to 70%
  • pH neutral
  • Liquid Solar Blanket


COVER Free's patent pending advanced mono-layer technology offers users the ability to save water & money by decreasing evaporation.   A mono-layer, one molecule thick, is formed on the water surface.  Surface tension allows it to remain in place or reform during swimming.

COVER Free reduces water evaporation by up to 85% - or up to 60 gallons per day!  Saving money on many levels:  Reduces make up water addition, reduces chemical additions & rebalancing water after additions.

COVER Free reduces water heat loss by up  to 70%.  The heating of pool water can be very expensive.  Heat escapes water through evaporation, therefore costing money.   Keep the heat, reduce the costs.

Dosage:     4 ounces per 20,000 gallons

Directions for use:   Shake well.  Squeeze recommended dose over the surface of the pool water.

size:    Quart

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