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Delta UV

UV Purifier for residential swimming pools


The Next Wave of Pool Protection

Delta UV supplemental sanitation systems utilize ultraviolet light technology to assist the primary pool sanitizer to provide an additional layer of protection against viruses, bacteria, cysts & protozoa that are introduced to the pool by swimmers and the environment. UV technology works to improve bather safety by addressing chloramines & other chlorine resistant parasites, such as Cryptosporidium, Legionella and Giardia. By eliminating these parasites, chlorine is allowed to work more efficiently & effectively.

Delta UV systems will not only provide "peace of mind" by adding a second tier of protection from harmful & chlorine resistant microorganisms, but will also enable more efficient use of chlorine, playing an important role in chloramine reduction for improved bather comfort. UV technology is environmentally-friendly & an easy solution for making your pool experience an enjoyable one.

How UV Protects Your Pool

Ultraviolet waves are emitted by the sun in the UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C bands. Because of their shorter wavelength, UV-C rays contain the highest energy, most potent form of ultraviolet light and have garnered less attention in the past since they are filtered out by the atmosphere. UV-C (herein referred to as UV) is the type of light that is now being utilized for swimming pool applications due to its germicidal effect upon the genetic makeup of microorganisms.

Delta UV devices consist of a vessel installed in-line with the pool's circulation system after the filter. Inside the vessel is a quartz sleeve that houses the Low Pressure UV bulb. The UV bulb emits highly concentrated electromagnetic energy with an intense peak at a UV wavelength of 253.7 nanometers (nm). Contaminated pool water is exposed to the light as it passes through the vessel. The light energy penetrates an organism's cell wall and denatures the cell's genetic material (DNA and RNA) prohibiting replication; thus, inactivating the microorganism. The microorganisms are not killed or destroyed, but merely unable to reproduce and cause infection to your loved ones.

The E20 & E40 units are single bulb system constructed using high quality, 8" PVC. The E20 system is ideal for all chlorine, bromine and salt based pool care programs.

Delta UV systems normally require very little maintenance, which merely consists of replacing the bulb as noted above and inspecting & cleaning the quartz sleeve, if necessary, every 3 months. To clean, use an acidic filter cleaner to remove any unwanted deposits. For areas with high calcium levels, more frequent cleaning of the quartz sleeve may be necessary. Metal deposits on the quartz sleeve can also reduce the effectiveness of the device & therefore should be sequestered, filtered & removed prior to turning on the UV device.


E20 Specs:
  • 120 / 240v
  • 90W high output, low-pressure lamp
  • Electronic ballast
  • Special 8" PVC housing
  • Salt compatible
  • 80 GPM max flow rate
  • Requires 40" clearance space

E40 Specs:

  • 120 / 240v
  • 110W high-output, low-pressure lamp
  • electronic ballast
  • Special 8" PVC housing
  • Salt compatible
  • 110 GPM max flow rate
  • Requires 48" clearance space
Low Pressure (LP)
  • Contains low pressure mercury gas
  • Monochromatic light (254 nm)
  • Low cost
  • Energy efficient
  • Simple installation
  • Long lasting
  • Less expensive to own and operate
  • Residential application

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